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Roatan provides visitors with an unspoilt vacation alternative and is said to be much like the eastern Caribbean was before more

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Utila is the flattest of the Bay Islands, and is accessible by small aircraft or by ferry from La Ceiba. read moreutila island honduras

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Guanaja, the eastern-most of the Bay Islands, has spectacular beaches on its northern side and magnificent reefs on all sides. read moreguanaja island honduras

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Cayos Cochinos

The Cayos Cochinos, also known as the Hog Cays, is a small archipelagoand is a marine reserve. read morearrow

Reasons to Invest in Roatan Honduras

buttonTen reasons to invest in the Bay Islands

If you’re looking for an excuse to invest in living your island dream, look no further - we’ll make it really easy for you by giving you the ten best reasons to invest in Roatan and the Bay Islands… There are many more, but these are our top ten:

  1. Any investment you make now is bound to result in a substantial return because more-and-more people are looking for a safe and uncomplicated way of life - the real estate and property market on the islands is on the increase.
  2. Honduras recently installed a government that is passionate about making a success of the country, and the islands have been earmarked for substantial development and improvements including being zoned as a "Free Port"
  3. There are approximately 81-million baby-boomers retiring in the US in the next five to ten years, which translates into an enormous potential market, and a greater resale value for you. Being a mere 2-hour journey from the US, the Bay Islands are perfect for relocaters looking for convenience and safety.
  4. Airlines are increasing their presence in Honduras, which will increase competition and decrease the cost of flying to the country, and the Bay Islands.
  5. The islands are becoming more-and-more marketing savvy, and have launched a targeted campaign to increase awareness for the Bay Islands. This includes marketing, events, pr and promotions activities in the US, Europe, Central and South America.
  6. Retiring or moving to Honduras is easy. You can apply for a residency and receive it in less than 2 months. Medical help, schooling, shopping and prescription medication is a fraction of the cost of the US and other countries.
  7. Honduras has the second largest barrier reef system after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, this means great scuba diving and snorkeling, great fishing and great eating!
  8. Roatan offers 100% Caribbean lifestyle at a fraction of the cost, it is relatively unknown and therefore still inexpensive.
  9. Roatan is an easy, fun place to live. People are friendly, the nature is superb and the quality of life increases daily.
  10. And, you deserve it!

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